A few recordings I've contributed to...

Original Music In Progress...   (roots music)

"Snooker"    (Mike Childree - BMI)   studio demo

w/ Allen Levi   (contemporary Christian)

"Sinners In This Room"    (Allen Levi)    2010

w/ Britt Wilson   (rock)

"I'll Hang Around"    (Britt Wilson)   from "A Lot Like Me" 2010

"A Lot Like Me"    (Britt Wilson) from "A Lot Like Me" 2010

w/ The New Comers   (contemporary Christian)

"Break To Mend"    (Addie & Donnie Newcomer) from "The New Comers" 2010

w/ Scatter   (acoustic rock)

"Running Blind"    (Scott Singer) from "Scatter" 1997

"Your Tears Are Lost"    (Scott Singer) from "Scatter" 1997

w/ Eastwind Bluegrass Band   (bluegrass)

"White Cross Highway"    (Mike Childree - BMI) from "Raconteurs" 2004

"Brass Buttons"    (Mike Childree - BMI) from "Raconteurs" 2004

"Sweet Blue-Eyed Darling"    (B Monroe) from "Eastwind Bluegrass Band" 2001

w/ Next Big Thing   (funk & pop)

"Shaky Ground"    (Bowers,Hazel,Boyd)    "live" home studio demo

w/ Flying Blind   (rock)

"Not My Cross To Bear"    (G Allman)   "live" home studio demo

"Roll On Gypsy"    (John Davis) from "Flying Blind" 1991

w/ Broxton   (rock)

"Loreal"    (Larry Pharris) studio demo 1986

w/ Gary Cothran & Riversouth   (country)

"That Country Sound"    (Gary Cothran) studio demo 1994

w/ San Francisco Blue   (wow...psychedelia, maybe?)

"Harmless"    (Bob Harvey) from "Idiot's Vision" 2000

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