I, Bassist

"No One Appreciates What We Do...Until We Don't Do It"

-A Bass Player

Mike w/New Standard Cleveland

It's what I've done for the longest period of my life, and it's what I do best. Can't imagine myself without it. I've been actively producing the low frequencies for all types of bands and music for over 30 yrs. I've been a touring pro and a weekend warrior, but I try to apply the same work ethic to any stage or recording:

Play what's right for the song!

Photos fade and magnetic tape degrades, but digital files last forever (sadly, in some cases). With that in mind, I've chosen to preserve some of my musical world here. A better overall concept than the scrapbook, I think...nobody's forced to politely page through, and you can laugh and/or leave whenever you want.

I've learned to pull my tone from most any decent-quality instrument. After all, the sound is all in the hands, heart, and head, right? That said, I really enjoy fine quality gear, and currently use basses by Mike Lull Custom Guitars, Karl Hoyt, G&L, New Standard Basses, and Euphonic Audio amplification.

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