I, Bassist

"No One Appreciates What We Do...Until We Don't Do It"

-A Bass Player

Mike w/New Standard Cleveland

It's what I've done for the longest period of my life, and it's what I do best. Can't imagine myself without it. I've been actively producing the low frequencies for all types of bands and music for over 35 yrs. I've been a touring pro and a weekend warrior, but I try to apply the same work ethic to any stage or recording:

Play what's right for the song!

With extensive experience onstage and in-studio, in a variety of genres, I can make a professional, positive impact on your project. I have full home studio recording capability for remote collaboration, or I can be available to travel to your location. Contact me at the email address linked below.

I've learned to pull my tone from most any decent-quality instrument. After all, the sound is all in the hands, heart, and head, right? That said, I really enjoy fine quality gear, and currently use instruments by Rob Allen Guitars, Karl Hoyt Instruments, G&L Guitars, KK Baby Bass, Kala U-Bass, and Euphonic Audio amplification. All subject to change at any time, of course!

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