V-Twin Fun

Both Karla and myself enjoy motorcycles...amazing what these things can do for your stress level, and gas bill! We've also made lots of new friends, and reconnected with old friends in a new way. We've done some regional traveling, and lots of weekend riding, but the most rewarding mileage has been with the Patriot Guard Riders.

Well, I should know better than to say something like "This is the last Harley I will ever own". Both bikes you see down below live elsewhere now...one of them is likely spare parts now (you can ask Karla about that). Long story short, Karla decided she'd like to be a passenger for a while and after a 1000-mile trip home on my Road King, she also decided we needed a bike more comfortable for long trips two-up. Great South Harley-Davidson in Newnan, GA had exactly what we were looking for in this 2010 Ultra Classic, in flame blue pearl. Never thought I'd enjoy a "Geezer Glide", but this bike is really changing my way of thinking there. It got a stage 1 upgrade at 1300 miles, with Supertrapp SE slip-ons, a Power Commander V, and a Fuel Moto USA breather. Have a shorter smoked recurve windshield on the way...so it begins again....

2010 Ultra Classic

This was my 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic in Fire Red Pearl/Black Pearl. At the time we traded it, it was running a Stage 1 upgrade, including a Dynojet Power Commander III USB, Supertrapp SE slip-on exhaust and K&N breather, Mustang Sport Tour seat w/H-D adjustable backrest, Clearview 19" windshield w/recurve, H-D Reduced-Reach handlebars w/internal wiring, Performance Machine Renthal grips, Lindby Customs crash bars, Fox Creek Leathers windshield bag, H-D Nostalgia saddlebag guard rails, H-D Road King chrome passenger footboard covers, and detachable passenger backrest w/luggage rack.

If you do your own regular service work on your Harley, like I do, you might find my Maintenance and Service Record spreadsheet helpful. It's based on the Harley-Davidson 2007 Service Manual for Touring Models. Download it here.

Mike's '07 Road King Classic

Karla had been riding her customized metric bike for a couple of years, but had been jonesing to join the Harley club. She knew the Softail Deluxe was the bike she wanted, as it was low enough that she felt comfortable on it. Still, the sticker shock prevented her from seriously considering it, and we spent quite a few semi-painful hours shopping for metric cruisers that just didn't seem to be much of an improvement over her current bike. Once she found a Harley dealer that allowed her a test ride on a Deluxe, all indecision went out the window. I could tell from the look on her face as she returned from the test ride, that this was "The One". Trigger pulled...

The Karlasaki

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